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How to Cleanse Sensitive Skin

Special thanks to contributor Shanay Lumbuyaka.

The question of ‘Do I have sensitive skin?’ is something that has likely crossed your mind with the sudden trend of ‘SkinTok’,  and the increased discussion around skin types and the best products to add to your routine. Sensitive skin is described as being particularly reactive to environmental stimuli such as temperature, sun exposure and certain cosmetic ingredients, causing excessive inflammation and irritation to the skin barrier, with some common examples of this being eczema and acne-prone skin.  If this definition somewhat resonates with you and your skin type then congratulations! You are officially one step closer in your skincare journey!

Whilst maintaining healthy and nourished skin may seem out of your depth as of now, Gamanity’s emphasis on natural, gentle ingredients grasps the true essence of ‘skincare’, and the extensive list below should provide some general guidance regarding the best ingredients for sensitive skin (of which many are included in our face masks and other products).

What ingredients to stay away from

●      Fragrance (Parfum)

○      People with sensitive skin should generally steer clear of scented products, as the nature of the scented molecules can induce allergic contact dermatitis (an itchy rash incited by contact with certain substances)

○      Instead, individuals with sensitive skin should opt for products labelled ‘fragrance-free’ to avoid irritation

●      Ethanol

○      Moisturisers, anti-ageing creams, toners and other skincare items often have  varied concentrations of ethanol included in their ingredients because of its skin tightening and antibacterial properties

○      Whilst this may seem an attractive proposition at first, high concentrations of ethanol in cosmetics can be particularly drying to the skin (especially for sensitive skin types) and should be used with caution

●      Sulphates

○      Sulphates are mineral salts formed naturally from the decay of plants/ animals and are found in consumer products as sulphate compounds (the most common in the beauty/ cosmetics industry being sodium lauryl sulphate or SLS)

○      Sulphates are somewhat of a double-edged sword. While they can be used as part of a facial cleanser, they also remove the natural oils of the skin which can potentially result in dryness and worsen already sensitive and dry skin

What ingredients are good for sensitive skin

●      Glycerine

○      Glycerine is a common ingredient found in some of the best facial cleansers, face masks and moisturisers for sensitive skin

○      Glycerine functions as a humectant ( a substance that retains/preserves moisture) which helps to relieve dryness and replenish the skin’s hydration

○      Glycerine is also featured in Gamanity’s Natural deodorant, Natural face masks and Bath salts! (for those who place emphasis on  using vegan products, you can be assured that at Gamanity we solely use vegetable-sourced glycerin in our products)

●      Virgin Coconut oil (VGC)

○      Derived directly from the white ‘flesh’ of the coconut, VGC is a widely accessible and cost-friendly  natural skincare product that has multiple applications

○      Coconut oils' natural moisturising qualities and anti-inflammatory properties, make it a suitable natural skincare option for sensitive skin and a perfect addition to Gamanity’s Natural lip balm!

■      Also, its natural aroma provides the best of both worlds, velvety skin with a pleasant scent!

●      Cocoa Powder

○      Cocoa powder is another example of a natural skincare ingredient with a range of dermatological effects.

○      Derived from the cacao bean and native to the deep tropical regions of South and Central America, cocoa powder contributes to the hydration of the skin, as well as promoting skin elasticity and reducing the appearance of wrinkles 

○      The high levels of antioxidants, particularly flavonoids, help neutralise free radicals and prevent premature ageing

○      Check out Gamanity’s Moisturising Cocoa face mask to indulge in its hydrating and anti-ageing properties!

Hopefully, you now feel fully equipped to venture into the world of skincare and find the best products to suit your needs. Whilst this remains a good starting point for determining what products should work best with your skin, there are still a plethora of ingredients that are included in Gamanity’s formulas, especially in our face masks.

If you are struggling with stressed mixed skin, our Calming Lavender face mask is sure to relax the skin and prevent inflammation. Those who suffer from inflamed or oily skin may benefit from using our Cleansing Ginger face mask which contains antioxidants to help protect the skin. Our Moisturizing Cocoa face mask is ideal for mature, dry skin, and the Soothing Turmeric face mask, crafted with premium natural ingredients, helps to both hydrate and reduce inflammation - perfect for combination and sensitive skin types. With our carefully curated formulations and attention to detail,  Gamanity's products are the perfect addition to your toiletries and a sure way to care for your sensitive skin.

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